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OPM Requirement to Apply for Social Security Benefits

The Office of Personnel Management completes an evaluation of the disability retirement application only after the individual has completed an application for Social Security Disability benefits. A favorable Social Security decision is not a prerequisite to receiving an OPM disability retirement. Completing the application process is all that is required by OPM.


Nevertheless, a favorable Social Security application in addition to a favorable OPM disability retirement application provides many meaningful benefits not otherwise available solely under an OPM annuity. The following are some of the disability benefits available under Social Security:

      1. Benefits are payable to workers who become disabled before full retirement age.
      2. A severely disabled person may obtain benefits even though he/she is able to do some work.
      3. May be paid to children under age 18, and may continue to any age if the child is disabled before reaching age 22.
      4. If a worker dies, payments can go to certain survivors in the worker’s family.
      5. A lump-sum death payment may be payable when a worker dies.


    If you have applied for OPM and were denied Social Security, contact my office to discuss the appeal options that may be beneficial to you.

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