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The term 'settlements' in the field of Federal Workers Compensation (OWCP) applies to the Schedule Award benefit obtained for a client based on having incurred a permanent work related impairment to specified parts of the body. The following are a sample of the recent Schedule Award benefits I have achieved for clients under the provisions of the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP).

Amount of Settlement Description of Case
$ 250,000.00Client was rear-ended while working injuring back, neck and extremities. He underwent multi-conditional surgery and received treatment for his injuries for almost 2 years. Client received liability settlement and back compensation pay.
$ 245,773.98Client sustained a fractured pelvis while on the job and underwent multiple surgeries. A 78% impairment to the leg was Awarded resulting from this accident.
$ 173,189.82Client slipped and fell in parking lot of her employment and injured her left arm and right leg. An Award was issued for 16% impairment to the left upper extremity and 35% impairment to the right lower extremity. Back due and owing compensation pay was received in addition to Award.
$ 127,587.48Client claim accepted for hip strain by OWCP. Thereafter, claim expanded to include Piriformus Damage and recurrence of both conditions was accepted after initial denial. He was awarded 74% impairment to the right lower extremity.
$ 102,715.23Client initially injured the right knee due to an accident at her job. Her left knee was accepted as consequential to the original injury and the client underwent double knee surgeries. Client was awarded a 32% impairment to the right leg and 34% impairment to the left leg.
$ 101,131.06Client suffered from bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive motions at his job. Award benefits were issued for 20% impairment to the right upper extremity and 40% impairment to the left upper extremity.
$ 87,889.00Client was diagnosed with bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive motions of job requirements. He was issued 20% impairment to left upper extremity and 25% impairment to right upper extremity after only 12 months of filing claim for acceptance.
$ 78,786.00Client suffered from a severe injury to the knee requiring multiple surgeries. This claim had been denied 4 times prior to being accepted and receiving Award.
$ 64,963.07Client developed pain and weakness to both shoulders after years of carrying heavy mail bags. He was issued 25% impairment to the right upper extremity and 23% impairment to the left upper extremity within 5 months of filing for Award.
$ 60,658.78Client was involved in automobile accident while on the job resulting in a traumatic injury to the left shoulder. A 25% impairment to the left shoulder was Awarded in a lump sum.
$ 41,400.72Client developed tendonitis with retrocalcaneal bursitis to the left foot after 30+ years on the job with the majority of her daily activities involving walking. The Award was for 25% impairment to the left lower extremity.
$ 34,547.09Client received a smashed finger when a piece of heavy equipment was accidentally dropped. A 40% impairment to the index finger was Awarded.
$ 32,105.28Client twisted her ankle when she tripped over a telephone cord at work. A 30% impairment to the right ankle was Awarded and back due and owing compensation obtained.


DISCLAIMER:This site is not claiming to be able to reproduce results in a particular case. Each case is different and prior results should not create an expectation about results in an individual case.

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